Xbox One Controller not working on my Paperspace Parsec setup


As said in the title, when I try to use my Xbox One Controller in my Paperspace using Parsec, I can’t get it to work, no matter which button I press, it does nothing. Aside from that, on my physical laptop, the controller works perfectly. When I try to install ViGem Bus Driver on my Paperspace, it always end prematurely. I tried USB forwarding but it just disconnect my controller off my PC

If anyone has solutions , I would gladly take it !

Thanks in advance,

This is an odd issue as it hasn’t been reported much. I’d suggest checking the for any clues. It’s also possible that you need VC++ redist libraries to be installed. Otherwise, you may create a Windows 10 machine using the Unlicensed BYOL template and try again. This template is the most compatible with gaming.