Where to find or set keyboard shortcuts

I would like to use keyboard shortcuts in jupyter notebooks. Where can I find or set keyboard shortcuts for jupyter notebooks in paperspace?

You may find the keyboard shortcuts for Jupyter by opening a notebook and clicking on Help>Keyboard Shortcuts.

This will display all of the shortcuts available. Another cool resource you can check is this link.

@ablack3 There is also a menu (right-click) in the Gradient Notebook IDE which provides a command palette.

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I’m using the Gradient Notebook IDE but not finding many keyboard shortcut for it. When I search the command palette for “new” there is no command for adding a new cell for example.

I’m facing the same issue too on the web interface. Without shortcut keys, it’s just kind of unwieldy having to switch between keyboard and mouse…

Thanks for the feedback. We’re still working on the feature, and it’s a work in progress. I’ve shared the feedback with the corresponding team.