Where is the experiment URL?

I am following the tutorial here https://blog.paperspace.com/deploying-deep-learning-models-part-ii-hosting-on-paperspace/
However, I do not see a URL for my experiment.
I tried guessing what this would be – JOB_ID.gradient.paperspace.com:8080 , but no dice.

Any ideas why I am not seeing an endpoint/URL for my experiment? It is a simple test script, stripped of all other functionality, and it works fine locally.

I have been trying to get the same issue resolved by Paperspace support. They told me it was a bug and that the engineers would try to fix it but It has been a while now and still no change. Ashamed because I was happy with their service until this. I’m beginning to believe they do not care to fix it and we are probably better off using a different service.