Where is /storage


Hi I am very new to paperspace. I followed the start project to run a Job, copying files from my GitHub repository, and output ,(using -o /storage). However, I just can’t find the file created from the job. Could anyone point me to the right direction? Thanks.


@mengweetan - Glad to hear you’re using Paperspace! When you output to /storage this saves it in your Storage folder which is not public. You have a few options to get your files. When running the job you can also add a step to copy (cp) to /artifacts which you can then see from the console. Alternatively, you can start a notebook and go into your storage folder from there and download directly.

If you have any issues, please send us an email at support @ paperspace



Thanks. I think I am still lost.

I pointed the Job to my git repo at

With a a simple script:
python main/train.py -o /storage

where inside my file at line 227:


the output, from log, says the file has been saved

saved model in /storage

However, when I navigate to storage at my notebook, I am not seeing anything.

wait… i got the file out when I use /artifacts
but somehow I am not getting it when I use /storage …


@mengweetan can you send a support ticket to [email protected] dot com? You can address Stan so it gets to me.

Once we have it figured out, I will post the response here too