Where did my old notebooks go?

I last used my paperspace account to do some ML work for a webapp I run around July of 2020. I had a notebook setup for that with a ton of time ironing things out and making it work exactly as needed. Upon logging in today, the interface is entirely different and it seems like Gradient is where my old notebook should be. But it is not, I had to create a new on as there was nothing there.

Upon looking at my billing, I see an entry for Notebook - P5000. So there is some trace of it somewhere. But how do I acces sit. I found information that said it would be in the “uncategorized notebooks” section on gradient but I dont have that section.

Has anyone else had to deal with this? I am desperate as it would take me easily a dozen+ hours to recreate what I had and I dont even remember the intracacies because it was majorly put in place well over a year ago.

Hi @Rankith - can you send us an email at support at paperspace.com and we will help sort you out.