VS coder ask for a password

When starting up the image VS-coder (Beta) the console asks for a password (see image) image .

The password seems to be the notebook token but it doesn’t seem obvious from the prompt or the tutorial.

Hey @phisanti You can copy the token from the notebook list view:

We will be automatically doing this in the future once the VS-Coder leaves beta.

I know, I was just pointing out what I thought was a confusing bug.

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@phisanti Good feedback. We are redesigning the entire notebook area of the product right now and once that’s complete, we will have bandwidth to work on Coder and possibly R environments. If this Coder experience was more seamless, would you find value in having a hosted environment like this?

I would love to work on a full-fledge IDE like CODE on Paperspace. I have really look deep and compare for GPU cloud computing and in my opinion, Gradient clearly offers the best solution. Working with VS-Coder would be the cherry on top. Regarding R environments, I am a long term Rstudio user, so seeing it around would be amazing.