Virtual Desktop Encoding/Network Latency

Hi! having problems with my encoding/network latency when it comes to virtual desktop for oculus quest on an RTX 4000 Machine, i get good speeds 280mbps down 35mbps up, 28 ping on ookla when connected to amsterdam servers, ive tried 3 different servers all basically get within 1/2 mbps and 1/2ms difference.

but i cant put the bitrate on virtual desktop higher than 20 as it spikes up to 200/400 network latency and 80/100 encoding latency.
but when on shadow i get around 50ms network and 5ms encoding at 90-120mbps bitrate via VD.

Thanks for reading.

Just wanted to add I’m seeing exactly the same on the RTX4000 streaming with virtual desktop. Agree 20mbps seems to be the tipping point where i go from solid 25-30ms latency to 200+ (measured under network in the stream VR overlay in Virtual Desktop).

My local internet is 500mbps down / 30mbps up and i also get a similar ping to yours against Amsterdam based Ookla servers.

Did you find a resolution? Given the similarity I’m wondering if this could be somekind of QoS / management on the paperspace network / win10 build

Hey Jules, have you tested the latency from the Paperspace VM to the Oculus server where you’re connected? If so, can you share the test results?