Using Github with a gradient notebook

Is there any way to sync the local storage for a Gradient notebook project with a remote repository on Github? I’d like to create some personal projects on gradient, but it would be very helpful if they could be seen alongside other projects on my Github page.

Is it as simple as configuring git using the terminal when the notebook is running and pushing/pulling as usual?

@Matthew_Cronin We do plan on adding a formal GitHub integration in the future (we have one for Workflows btw) but for now, just using the terminal (or even a Jupyter cell) to clone, pull, push, etc. would work great!

That would be a good solution - I’m struggling to work out how to authenticate without ssh-keygen and ssh-agent being available in the terminal. Is this something that could be implemented?

Depending on the container, you may need to install ssh client tools on your notebook instance to assist in authenticating with github. Many of our containers already come with ssh utils and I’m surprised this is not available by default. Can you share what container you’re using?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’m currently using tensorflow/tensorflow:2.4.1-gpu-jupyter