USB 3 Drive Access via VDI



Hello. I am new to Paperspace and am attempting to connect my VDI to my local USB3 external drive. I confirmed that the drive speed is appropriate locally. When attaching the same USB drive to the VDI and doing a test transfer to the VDI’s “C” drive the speed seems to be throttled at 710KB. I am connected at 1GB up/down and was testing at 875Mbps up and 960Mbps down when attempting this test.

Based on my back of the napkin math, 710KB is about 5.5Mbps in bitrate speed. Does anyone know if there is a “governor” on connection speeds to the VDI? I was hoping to do some video editing with it…




I have come across the same issue. I’m trying to use a Leap Motion remotely, but the USB redirection bandwidth is highly limited. Any way we can change that?