Upgrading windows on the default cloud gaming template

Is there any way I can upgrade windows on the default cloud gaming gpu+ template? I need to run a game that required a higher version of windows, but when I try to upgrade it says to contact my administrator. Is there any way I can upgrade windows or switch to a plan that already has upgraded windows while still keeping my same price per month? I don’t care about my data, but I don’t want to pay the 7 dollar for storage again. Thanks for any help!

Hey, due to technical circumstances, it’s not possible to upgrade the OS version on the Windows Licensed templates as they’re based on Windows Server. Our engineers are currently updating these templates, which should become available in a few weeks. However, if you create a Windows 10 Unlicensed VM, you may upgrade to higher Windows builds by following the standard Windows Update process.

Regarding paying for a VM again, if you delete an hourly VM, we don’t charge you upfront, and the storage fee is prorated based on the time the virtual machine was active on the account. You can find more information on this link.

Thank you! This really helped me.

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