Unstable connection leading to Steam Remote Play breaking

Hi there,
I use Paperspace mainly for my girlfriend to be able to run some games (which her computer does not run), so we can have occasional co-op sessions. Since yesterday, we have noticed that the connection has been very unstable, leading to steam’s native remote play to break and lose connection. In particular, yesterday I could not even get into the desktop from the Paperspace webapp after a three of these breaks within 2 hours, which led me to recreate a brand new one to use today. Today we already had a broken connection in less than an hour of streaming, while the game keeps playing in the box.
This is not only hindering our experience, but most importantly it’s completely defeating the purpose of the service. I would like to know if this new issue (we did not have this for the many weeks we’ve been using Paperspace) is known and if there is a time-frame to solve it, as for now I cannot use it.