Understanding storage limit

I just made a subscription to Pro, but I don’t really get how the storage limit of 15 GB works.

  1. First of all, when I’m running a notebook I can see in the bottom left corner of the screen that the memory occupied is >16GB, this means that I’m already paying an extra?
  2. From “Team Settings” in “Volumes” I can see that 0 B are used for volumes, will this provide a description of how many GB I’m used w.r.t. the 15GB storage? If not, is there a simple method to understand how many space is left wrt the “free” limit of 15 GB?
  3. If I’m downloading a file inside /notebooks folder (for example, 1GB), the remain free space will be 14GB or this happens only when I’m downloading files inside /storage?
  4. Are this storage limit based on the total GB occupied at any given time (i.e. removing files will actually free some space that can be used freely without paying an extra), or is it based on the sum of the GB occupied let’s say in a month?
  5. What are the differences between uploading files in /storage and in /notebooks?

I’m sorry but I’ve read a lot of articles and FAQ online but the storage part is really confusing. I Hope that you can clarify my doubts.

You may find some information here: Temporary storage for notebook execution

Ciao Pietro,

Please find the answer to your questions below:

  1. Memory is not the same a Storage. The memory number will vary depending on the instance chosen. On the other hand, if the Storage exceeds 15 Gb, you’re charged.

  2. The Volumes usually display the total Storage occupied; now, the excess amount isn’t visible in the UI. We’re working to improve this.

  3. When a file is downloaded to a notebook or /Storage, it will count against your storage quota.

  4. Removing files from your notebook will free up space that counts against your free limits. However, we bill hourly for the amount at the hourly fraction of the monthly rate. This is best explained in this document.

  5. When you upload files to /notebooks, those files are only accessible within the notebook that you’re currently using. However, when files are uploaded to /Storage, the files can be accessed by any notebook within the Team.

We hope this clears your doubts. If you have more questions, please let us know.

Yes it is clear!
I’m looking forward the new improvements in the UI to better understand if a user exceed the limit.
Thank you so much for the answer.

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