Ubuntu 18.04 with P6000 (nearly) from scratch


I am trying to build ML machine on Ubuntu 18.04 with P6000 from scratch (this is what I run on my home machine and it seems that 18.04 server comes with very little). Any advice on the best way of doing so, e.g. are there any ready-made resources for such a deployment within Paperspace (e.g. to avoid big downloads from NVIDIA). I imagine there should be some around as Paperspace provides Ubuntu 18.04 ML in a Box for V100.

Also I have noticed that the machine has no evident NVIDIA drivers or software, and yet the “What not to do” guide clearly says not to install or upgrade such drivers. Am I reading it incorrectly?



@ironfrown We’re in the process of building a new ML in a Box template which will be based on 18.04.

FYI you can update drivers on Linux machines, that article you read is referencing Windows machines only.


@Daniel this is exciting about the new ML in a Box running on Ubuntu 18.04. And thanks for the hint on the drivers, I was being too cautious :slight_smile: