The instance is running but code cannot be executed

It has been 12 hours since I encountered this problem. For any instance I use no code can be executed from Paperspace GUI nor Jupyter can be opened. The notebook is looping over “Saving” and all the cells are queued. Sometimes an error appears saying “Custom metrics logged with steps are not supported on this cluster. Please contact support to upgrade.” (I’m a PRO user)

I tried to fork the notebook and also create a new empty one but none of the solutions seem to work. I cannot create a terminal so I cannot do anything to unstuck the machine.

How can I solve the problem? Is this a general problem of the servers or does it affect only me?

Same here. Pro user as well. Trying to find out what’s happening through Firefox Developer Tools, it seems that Paperspace custom domains ( and are not responding. Without them the client can’t work.
Now I’m locked out of my notebook, and can’t even get the latest copy of my full data… (I only see the offline files.)

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Update: I’ve just received a message from the support center (I opened a ticket few hours ago), they are aware of the issue and they are working to solve it as soon as possible.

Update: It all looks OK now.

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