The console was updated yesterday, where is my storage folder?

I have been using gradient for several months and I am paying customer that has 200 gb persistent storage limit and I have been using only notebooks. Yesterday when I started a new notebook instance, I couldn’t find “storage” folder which holds all of my codes I have developed during past two-three months. I thought it might be because of the console update and I thought it will get fixed the following day. Today I created a new notebook again to check is the /storage folder there or not, but it is not there. Does it mean all my work gone??
P.S. I emailed paperspace support yesterday about this case, did not receive any reply yet.

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Hey @oguzzarslan There is a new version but your current storage still exists. You will need to open the classic Jupyter experience to access this storage:

The notebook version is denoted by a v1 tag:

We definitely recommend switching over to the new system which you can do by simply creating a new notebook. You can copy your files over by downloading/uploading or using a Paperspace CORE VM (we can provide one for free).