Temporary storage for notebook execution

Hi there. Today I discovered Gradient and although at first glance it looked amazing, I am really confused about one thing - storage. Currently I am using Google Colab Pro for $9.99 per month where I have 166GB of storage while running a notebook with GPU. Normally I use datasets that weight over 100GB (after unpacking, so in the peak it’s +20-30% more together with a zip file) and I am downloading them from Google drive. Given that the grow plan in Gradient covers only 15GB, does it mean that every time I download this dataset for a single execution, I would be charged additional $30+? I don’t really need this persistent storage but I need to have a temporary storage of at least 150GB for my notebooks to run. How does it work? Does this “temporary storage” exist in Gradient? I spent over an hour looking for any info about that but find none.

Hey @mch sorry for the delay and for the confusion surrounding storage billing. You wouldn’t be billed $30+ just for downloading data once in a month. You are charged for storage overages (the amount that exceeds what’s included in your plan) on a pro-rated basis (as opposed to say the month’s high-water mark). Practically speaking, what this means is that if you delete the data after a short amount of time, you will only be charged the rate x ($0.29/GB) x the GB amount x that short amount of time.

Here’s an example: You have 15GB included with your plan so downloading/unzipping this 166GB dataset would would consume 151GB in overage charges. If you keep this data on disk for an hour, you would be billed $0.059. In other words, a very small amount.

We will make sure this is more clearly documented – apologies again for the confusion.