Sun Grid Engine configuration

I am trying to configuresun grid engine master- worker machines for kaldi training. One of the neccessities of sun grid engine is that it needs port 6445 open on the master instance , because that’s what it uses to register a new worker.
I have the master installed and a process listening on that port, but the port is not visible from my client machine or for that matter over the public ip. (i ran nmap -A -Pn ).

A mail to [email protected] got a reply, saying they don’t block any ports and this is out of their technical support coverage. Has anyone else successfully setup a port listener and been able to access the port?
Or has anyone else used sun grid engine setup on paperspace before?

Do you have a public IP assigned to the machine? Once the public IP is assigned, be sure to hit that IP (not the private IP).

Also, make sure the firewall is open with sudo ufw allow 6445. Let us know if that works!