Slow P6000 machine

I’m antoine, doing some unreal engine work and cloud VR projects.
I run into issue while using my paperspace instance.
Some sessions are remarkably better than the others. It seems related to CPU load.

Sometimes running the exact same reproducible tasks I have a completely unresponsive computer (the task is super slow and the paperspace/parsec/moonlight session get supper laggy) then after a reboot all is good and the same task is super fast and the remote session super responsive.

It is not related to internet connection speed, memory swapping or any other common issue.
The test I use is scripted and reproducible.
It is almost like the CPU is not the same per session (although windows is showing the right CPU) or it is throttling (but it is not based on XTU monitoring)

I really don’t understand please help me solve this issue as I find the service really good (when it works)

Best to all readers