SCP File Transfer to FastAI Ubuntu Machine Not Working


I’m trying to transfer a zip file (~200MB) using scp from my machine to my fastAI Ubuntu VM using these instructions:

scp -r /localfolder/ [email protected]:./Desktop/

I use my machines public IP, and the folders from my machine and the VM machine. I get asked for my VMs password, which I use to login every time I start my machine, but the password is refused everytime. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.


@Travis_Booth I can’t reproduce this issue, SCP seems to be working for me. Make sure you’re using the public IP listed on the machine details page (and not the private IP):

Proper syntax:

scp -r myfolderlocalfolder [email protected]:./Desktop/

I would also try copying and pasting the password (to avoid typos) or resetting it on the VM using passwd

Hope that helps.


Hey Daniel,

Thanks for you help. I changed the password on my VM and now it’s working. For whatever reason the default password that came with my VM didn’t work.