Running Parsec with Paperspace - Error code 15000

Does anybody know how to solve this error code 15000 when attempting to stream your Paperspace server into Parsec?

Full error message: We couldn’t initialize the hosting functionality on the computer you’re connecting to. Try changing the monitor Parsec is capturing in hosting settings or check out this support article for more information.
Code: -15000

I know this is Parsec’s side of things, but hoping someone else has had this problem and possibly a fix. I’m running the “Advanced” option, I believe the GPU is Grid K160. Thanks

@Curivity Parsec is only compatible with dedicated GPUs. They actually have a template under the Public Templates section of the machine creation page which filters out only the instance types that are compatible.

Try the GPU+, P4000, P5000, or P6000 and you will be all set.

Thank you for your reply, Daniel.

I had just downloaded the client on both ends and enabled streaming, didn’t get to the creation page during this process (using browser only, not the native client).

Is there any way we can upgrade to the dedicated GPU without having to set up a new rig?

@Curivity This page is the same in the native app and browser – I think you just selected a stock Windows template (two icons to the left). This step doesn’t really matter much because the Parsec template only saves you the step of installing Parsec (aside from helping you select a compatible instance type).

Unfortunately, due to video driver incompatibilities, you cannot yet upgrade from the Standard GPU instances to Dedicated GPU instances. We hope to make this possible in the future.