RTX insufficient capacity

Is this an error? I can’t believe that a DAAS company wouldn’t have enough RTX rigs to meet demand. There must be an error. I use the RTX for work and for gaming. It is incredibly frustrating to have to jockey back and forth between rigs just to get on and re-download everything.

It has to be an error. Am I alone on this? Either I should be embarrassed for not being able to fix it, or Paperspace should be embarrassed for not being able to meet demand. Isn’t cloud computing the future? Doesn’t seem like I from the user side of it.

Hello there - we at Paperspace definitely share your frustration. We’re behind on acquiring more capacity due to supply chain constraints related to NVIDIA and COVID-19.

We’re very sorry and are working as fast as we can to expand our RTX capacity as soon as possible!