Relative mouse mode design issue


Pressing cntrl-b to enter it seems perfectly fine. but mapping the Esc key to exit it creates significant problems as many games have already assigned that key for various functions such as entering or exiting menus. Mapping an alternative keystroke combination would resolve this issue, or simply allow cntrl-b to both enable and disable this mode when pressed again.


@Jim This is possible when using the native app. Just click the onscreen menu (circular icon) and then click Settings. You’ll see options to remap the Exit Game Mode feature to a different hotkey combo.

Hope that helps.


I’m not using the native app, I’m in the browser. If I download the native app and change it, will that change apply to the browser as well? Thanks.


The native app is heavily optimized for streaming and will perform much better and includes more features than the web version. I highly recommend it. Settings are not shared between the web/app.