Refresh of logs: suggest default to manual refresh when job no longer running


It may be best for manual refresh to be the default behavior after a job has finished.

When I view a log for a job that has more than one screen’s worth of output (most of the time), I typically try to diagnose a problem that appears at the end of the log. However, the auto-refresh occurs before there is enough time to read the relevant line near the end of the log, so I have to scroll down again.

I realize that it’s also possible to obtain the logs through the API, but for quick interactive work, being able to click into the log of a job that has just ended would be very helpful.

However, it seems that auto-refresh that is in effect by default


@nickpowersys Great suggestion! I think there is a fix for this going out in the next release. I’ll keep an eye on the ticket.


@nickpowersys This change is live. The auto-refresh is set to off when the job is complete. They also refresh more elegantly (you don’t lose your place in the logs) when the job is running. Thanks again for the feedback.