Recent freeze issues when playing with Parsec

Hello everyone,

I have been using Parsec with a Paperspace computer (P4000 - Amsterdam server) to play World of Warcraft on my MacBook Air since last summer without any problem.

But 2 weeks ago, I experienced freezes during gameplay (between 1-10 seconds long ; totally unpredictably, it occurs sometimes after 10-20 min of gameplay ; the parsec app indicating that there was a connexion problem). I tried to set the game settings to “windowed” and to turn sync off and it initially solved the issue : I played without any problem during 2 days after this. But the issue came back since last Thursday and I can’t solve it whatever I try.

Do you have any idea that to solve this issue ?

Thank you in advance !

Hi Zakaral, could you submit a support ticket to us from the email address you use on Paperspace so we can have a look at your particular account / VM? Submit a request – Help Center Home

We will likely need to collect some more technical information and will share that with you within the ticket. Thanks!

Hello cpb,

I just sent a request as you told me to.

Thank you for your fast answer and have a nice day !