Realtime Raytracing


I’m wondering if Paperspace is going to support realtime raytracing with RTX cores. I see some high spec graphics cards and use a Core machine with a PNY 5000 card but I need some realtime raytracing power.
Anyone else in a similar situation?



@Brian_Rossney Great question, raytracing with RTX cores is pretty sweet. We will be adding RTX (4000, 5000, 6000) to our lineup asap – they are currently in the testing/QA phase.


Thanks Daniel. That’s great news. I hope the testing works out well.
Will it be straight forward to upgrade or will I have to run project backups and do software reinstalls etc?


That’s a good question. We have had driver-related issues with upgrading from one type to another (certain upgrades/downgrades are available out of the box and others are not). I believe we can upgrade it for you if you submit a support ticket.