Questions on API to manage notebooks


I am new to paper space and went through the API of the gradient but still have a few questions.

  1. Could I use the Gradient API to start/stop/delete a jupyter notebooks from my own computer?

  2. How could I embed the running jupyter notebooks running on paper space in my own web applications? Is there an API call to get the URL of the jupyter notebooks running on paper space?

  3. Could I install python packages in the jupyter notebooks? Do I have to install the packages everytime?

  4. Is there a way to start an instance and installing needed packages using API?


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Hi there, great questions:

  1. You can! Just use our CLI. The syntax is gradient notebooks create [options...]

  2. This may be possible but Iā€™d need to check. Can I ask what the use case is by any chance? We also offer an inferencing service which is typically how our users make their models accessible via a web app.

  3. You can install any python package. No need to re-install, the libraries are persisted across sessions :slight_smile:

  4. You could do this but since the libraries are persisted each session (see item #3), then it may not be necessary.

Hope this helps!