Problem with ports in VScode image


Here a 1-month user of paperspace gradient and quite happy. However, I am currently struggling with the jupyter notebooks in the VScode-server image. Each time I try to use the jupyter extension (python v2020.10.332292344), I got the following error:

Failed to connect to Jupyter notebook. Error: Kernel Python 3 is not usable. Check the Jupyter output tab for more information.

I suspect it is related to the fact that VScode-server uses port 8888 for the display. Thus, I wondered how I could habilitate the port 8889 to run Jupyter notebooks inside the same image.

If someone wants to reproduce the error, you only need to create a vscode image, install the above-mentioned python version, and install the conda/anaconda package manager.

Please, let me know if there is something I can do; I will appreciate any help.