Problem with oculus app not installing?

Im using the “RTX4000” Tier of the paperspace parsec template.
When I try to install the oculus app I get this error, “Oculus App Status: Can’t reach Oculus service” I have restated the computer and reinstalled the oculus app 2 times. Any tips on getting this working?

I’ve had the same issue too.

Hey guys, have you tried disabling the Windows Firewall? It may be blocking the connection. Otherwise, you could try changing the DNS Resolver on the VM. You may follow the steps on this Help Center article: How to manually change your DNS resolver when experiencing a blocked website – Help Center Home.

This could also be caused by some of the Oculus services not being started. You may want to check this on the Task Manager. Some of the services may be OVRLibaryService or OVRService.

I have done both and it still doesn’t work, I have started ovrlibraryservice on task manager multiple times but it just stops itself instantly (paperspace might block it, but it they don’t say it anywhere on the website). I have even changed it to automatic, still does not work. Any other possible solutions?

After a quick internet search, it seems that this issue could be resolved by creating a new Windows account on the machine. You could try this on your VM. Just make sure not to change the Paperspace user account.

You may refer to these two links:

I have already looked at this on the internet, and I have tried it multiple times, in my vm I can make new windows accounts, but I cant sign into them (as there is no way to go the the lock screen, or sign into them from the settings/start menu) I am on my second parsec vm (yes i made two to try to fix the problem, I even increased the storage amount to try to increase my success) and I have done the same thing on both. From the fact that I have done this on multiple machines, it seems like paperspace is blocking the OVRLibaryService in task manager, I have sunk so many hours in my vms to try to troubleshoot this, its starting to cost a bunch of money just to fix one issue.

This could be related to the OS. If you used the Parsec template which is based on Windows Server 2016, I’d suggest moving to a Windows 10 BYOL and try with that.

This made everything work!! thank you so much!

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