Preventing auto-shutdown while using Parsec client

Is there a way to prevent the Paperspace machine from performing an auto-shutdown while running the Parsec client?

I have my machine set to auto-shutdown after one hour, in case I forget to shut it down. When I’m playing a game via the Parsec client, the machine shuts down after one hour. Apparently running apps via the Parsec client does not register as activity. That’s surprising to me. Is there any way to prevent that? I could increase the auto-shutdown time, but I’d rather not do that. Sometimes I play for a while, so I’d have to bump the value up pretty high, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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Bumping this thread as I’m having the same issue. I’d also like to be able to have connections to the Parsec client prevent auto-shutdown. I don’t use Parsec as much for gaming, but rather 3D modeling and I’d like to be able to leave the machine running as long as I have my personal computer connected via parsec so that I can do long jobs like rendering, etc.

Is this still happening?

The paperspace FAQs state that it doesn’t shutdown if there is an app running. Presumably Parsec should count as that.

Is there any reason to think something would have changed in the last couple of months?

I don’t currently have an active machine, so I can’t check.

Checked for couple of days. It does shut down. Tried running parsec in admin mode but same result.

I would recommend turning auto-shutdown off when using a third-party protocol like Parsec. Our auto-shutdown feature relies on our ability to detect connections to the machine from our own app (browser and desktop apps.) It is not possible to do this reliably with other remoting applications. Parsec should add this feature to their own application :slight_smile:

In lieu of Parsec adding this, I wonder if it’s possible to mimic our built-in auto-shutdown capability with the Windows Task Scheduler?

It looks like you can set tasks to trigger eg shutdown “on idle” though not 100% sure what this means.