Possible to have paperspace machine with installed VPN?


Hi there. I want to rent a CDI in Paperspace But I have to install a VPN software in my machine to change my IP and Location to connect to the company’s server. This is a restriction that I should respect.
In normal pipeline without any vpn, I connect to paperspace using their software. But with VPN I should connect to paperspace with their software like normal method, but in the VDI I should send and recive files via server with a vpn software. Is is possible? Is there any chanse to loose the connection becuase of changing the IP?

I would be thankful with the replys.


@Barbousa_Karmen You can’t change the IP of the VDI within Windows (this will break connectivity) but I don’t think this would be necessary. Here’s a guide on using ZeroTier, an excellent (and free) VPN client.