Pes 2019 lite on paperspace through parsec

Hello to everyone,

Sorry for my english i’m not a native english speaker. I Hope i can explain myself…

I rented a paperspace machine through the parsec software. I installed PES 2019 LITE but It doesn’t work. It crashes all the times. I asked for assistance to parsec but no answers…

My questions are:

Ther Is anybody that play Pes 2019 lite on paperspace? It works?

If i rent a new machine through paperspace, and Pes Will not work, can i receive a refund?


Hi @Robwing,

While we don’t test games to see if they work, PES shouldn’t have an issue.

If you look for some referral codes online you’ll get $5 off which will cover the storage of the machine. You can then test out to see if PES will work!

Happy gaming.