Persistent Storage Update ⭐

Hey guys,

Just wanted to point out the new persistent storage option for Gradient Jobs and Notebooks. Anything that you put in /storage directory of a job will persist across job runs. We are working on easier ways to operate on this data but in the meantime check out for more info!

And of course, let us know how it’s working for you! :sunny:

How do I upload into Persistent Storage from windows local storage?

How do I upload into Persistent Storage from anywhere?..


Currently, you can manage /storage with a Linux VM or Gradient (Notebooks & Jobs). You can read more about this here.


I’m happy to share that we are adding Windows support very shortly as well. I set a reminder to update this thread as soon as it is available.

These links from zendesk all give a page not exists error according to your tutorials and docs i should be able to drag and drop but none of that.

Hey Oliver, we’ve changed the way Storage works since Gradient V2 was released. Now, the data should be kept in the /storage/data folder and from there it will be saved regardless of whether the notebook is on or off.