Paperspace Web Access

Currently utilizing Windows 10, and trying to access the VRM via the website The website is accessible, though once trying to log in (and this issue has been more of a current situation, the past 2-3 weeks), you are presented with a black screen, and a “Need Help +” button at the bottom.

After realizing that the current fixture is the background, which is pulled forward, blocking all access to the contents of the page, I utilized the source and was able to remove the opacity of the background and show the contents of the page… To be presented with the following content



New USB drivers

This new version of the native app includes a new USB driver.

Would you like to update your drivers now?
(Note: a system restart will be required)

Skip for now (not recommended)

The issue is, those links “Yes, Upgrade now” and the “Skip for now (not recommended)”, do not have an actual hyperlink to follow to get to a solution, as they are dead links (that I could see, based off of looking through the source itself).

It has been happening on other terminals within the small work environment I have been in. Although, it is not affecting the building as a whole, and I find that rather perplexing to say the least.

I am looking for any insight on the issue.