Overwatch on Paperspace - Resolution Errors

Hi everyone,

Just got the Paperspace app on Mac to play Overwatch on PC/Hourly Pro (without Parsec as it was giving me sync’ing errors/wouldn’t connect to the gaming rig).

Setup of the machine and app installations was simple. Got Blizznet installed and the game running.

The problem is the graphics resolution in Overwatch doesn’t seem to change if I adjust them in settings, or even if I switch to windowed mode or the fps. Its seems like its just permalocked to the lowest settings, but it also looks like a video card override issue. The main reason being that the resolution of the UI responds to the graphics settings changes I make.

e.g. on “Epic” settings, the characters have low res models and textures, but the interface in-game is smooth and relative to the full desktop resolution. Even the text in-game.

I’d provide a screen grab but I’m not sure how to on this forum.

Has anyone come across this issue before? I’ve tried fiddling with the nvidia settings on the desktop, and attempting to play through my browser on chrome rather than the app on OSX, but I’m getting the same issues regardless.

Coupled with all of this is a super low bitrate that I can’t seem to sort out either. I’m using a new iMac with the latest OS and all this through a 120Mbps FiOS connection, so its definitely not a bandwidth issue.



Hi @clutch_cobra the Pro machine type is not designed for gaming. Try the M4000 or greater. We also recommend using the Parsec client (free) for gaming. We have a Public Template to make the setup very easy.