Network Connectivity Issue Causing Packet Loss?

Running tracert from Paperspace VM (Ams) to GFN Amsterdam server shows some kind of issue at hop2 which seems to indicate possible issue at Paperspace server in Amsterdam causing GFN network test to detect packet loss.

When pinging GFN EU Central 2 from Paperspace VM winMTR spews


When pinging Paperspace VM from my home winMTR spews

Could Paperspace networking team investigate please?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

We shared this with our Cloud team and one of our network engineers proactively optimized the route to GFN.

That said, the engineer would like to also pass along some helpful information to bear in mind with regards to MTR:

  1. Some nodes will not show up in the path, however this does not mean they aren’t routing traffic. Rather, they are simply not responding to MTR. You may try this in AWS or any other public cloud and see the same behavior.
  2. Packet loss along the path in MTR may be misleading for two reasons:
    a.) Asymmetric routing (which Paperspace employs) causes a packet to traverse a different path on the way to a destination than it does on the way back. This can result in the return packet not getting logged in MTR, and thus reported as a loss.
    b.) The hop you called attention to employs ICMP flood protection (which many do) and will, over time, start blocking responses, which will also show up as packet loss.

What you observed using WinMTR may have been caused by saturation, which is why the engineer optimized the route to your indicated destination, so hopefully you will not have further issues, even during peak times.

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Thank you very much for the fast, efficient and reliable response. Paperspace VM networking route to GFN server has indeed been optimised.

The insight into what winMTR was possibly saying and the explanation of what the engineer did is appreciated.

However, though GFN network test is happy and saying “all set for streaming” games through GFN on Ppaerspace VM are unplayable due to weird latency issues - audio works fine, input seems to be fine but video stream has issues with updating frames, so unfortunately GFN is not going to be a realistic option for gaming on Paperspace. At least not in the vm config i have just now.

I’ll try Steam Streaming instead.