Multi-GPU machines


Will it be possible to add multiple GPUs to a single VM in the future? It would be very helpful, for training large models, to have a VM with 8x, 10x or 20x GPUs.


@qubix12 We in the process of rolling out additional GCP types for Gradient. The first that will go live is the V100 with 8 GPUs – this will be available shortly.


Hi @Daniel, Is it possible to add multiple GPUs to my existing paperspace VM (currently it has P4000 GPU only). I want to add another P5000 GPU to this existing instance.


This should be helpful. It suggests we can add multiple GPUs/upgrade our paperspace instance. I’ve not tried. Will try.


@vinaykumar2491 Currently, multi-GPU is only supported in Gradient. We have a Volta instance with 8x GPUs.

Here’s an example Job:

paperspace jobs create --machineType GV100x8 --container Test-Container --workspace none --command 'nvidia-smi'

We have plans to add multi-GPU support to Core but no ETA on this