Misbehaving Mouse


I’ve recently decided to try Paperspace for Parsec and installed Painscreek Killings. The steam install went well but when I start the game, the mouse-controlled view is not working. The viewpoint of the character is looking up (typical of a first person game) but the mouse cannot be used to change the view. The mouse works for menu clicks, etc


If you are using the Parsec client, it might be better to check with their support channel on Discord here https://discord.gg/cQjEGFy


Hi, I am trying to play an FPS using the paperspace application on a Mac. My graphics card on my PC is currently being repaired, so I rented a cloud machine to attempt to keep playing. However, I am having the same issue- and am not using the Parsec client because Parsec doesn’t support Mac. Is there any way to fix the weird looking either straight up or straight down in an FPS using the paperspace application? Or is playing any FPS with the app impossible?


@Pacifist Did you try the Mac version on their downloads page?

Alternatively, if you need to use our app, try tweaking the mouse sensitivity settings as well as some of these settings:


I also couldn’t use it on my PC, I contacted Parsec support and they basically told me that the Paperspace machines weren’t really working. So I cancelled my machine because I didn’t want to be billed additionally for something I could not use. Although I was a decent bit frustrated due to lack of overall clarity of Paperspace’s gaming capabilities. The site claims to support gaming, but doesn’t say anything about having to use a 3rd party application to do so properly.


I tried the Lock option but not Use OpenGL. Good to know


I agree that it isn’t terribly clear that it’s not a out-of-the-box solution. It’s akin to using AWS or Azure. It can be done but everyone’s mileage may vary.