Minimum Requirements

I am trying to find what the minimum requirements are to run the P5000 for gaming. I am looking to purchase a cheap computer to run Paperspace. I am currently looking at using something like this:

Dell Optiplex XE SFF (POS) Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8G / 8G DDR3 / 2TB / DVD / Windows 10 Professional 64 Bits

Will this work?

I know internet bandwidth is the most important issue, but I am interested in knowing the minimums for the computer.

@Andermancer That looks good. The one other thing to keep in mind is that a local GPU, even if it’s not powerful, decrease the decode time of the incoming stream. We recommend NVIDIA. Again, this is not a requirement but it will increase performance.

Is there a minimum set of specifications that can handle Paperspace?