Minecraft mouse not working properly


Hello, I am using the windows 10 template on my machine and I am currently having a problem in Minecraft where the mouse acts as if I were using joystick input ( if my pointer is in the center of the screen nothing moves but if I move it away from the center it will continuously move until the pointer is moved back to the center). The mouse buttons work fine and so do the rest of the controls but this bug makes it nearly impossible to play the game and it definitely is not enjoyable. Any help would be welcomed with open arms, thank you!


I ended up disabling my machine because when I tried to shut it down it gave me an error that I couldn’t access it and it was “still shutting down” yet it was still adding to my usage hours even though I wasn’t able to access it in any way. I would still like to see the bug at least looked into as it might make me want to come back because I did enjoy my experience otherwise. Best of luck.


@NickHowd This question is better suited for our support team. Please send them a message with your info so they can look into your machine.