Mic passthrough

What’s the best way to get sound up and use a microphone when gaming?
I’m trying to setup x plane with pilotedge to keep current but I haven’t found a good way to make the mic work. The only solution I’ve found so far is to use a usb headphone and relay the usb through the paperspace app, but the sound is quite chopped up.

Yeah this is a pain point. This is the best that I could find when trying to get it working with parsec (https://support.parsecgaming.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000961232-Passing-Your-Microphone-To-Your-Cloud-Computer) Curious if someone else had a good solution they like.

Curious if this may work:

I’ve tried the double discord account and couldn’t get it to work (no sound detected in mic in).
The USB over IP is basically what the paperspace client is doing, and I’m getting some disconnections :confused:

any updates? I’m trying to figure out a good solution too for gaming

No I couldn’t get it to work reliably, even with the most powerfull machine (just in case it was a CPU issue), so I just closed all my machines :confused:
I’ve reverted to playing locally at low ftps/resolution, because having sound is more important in my case.

I tried the discord thing and I was at least able to hear myself on the host/VM. I wasn’t actively playing a game at that point. There wasn’t a lag or anything that I noticed really. I’ll report back after playing some warzone

I have been screwing with the VB - cable passthrough with discord. I’ve been using Parsec instead of the Paperspace native app.

I have gotten the setup to work, the only problem I have is that other people in the game voice chat can hear my game. So somehow my game sounds are being picked up by the virtual mic. I’ve screwed with the settings somewhat, but haven’t had any success.

It is confusing to say the least, because VB cable input/output mean the opposite. A visual of how it works would be nice. I’ve reached out to parsec, Paperspace, and VAC Cable and I only got back standard troubleshooting and set-up tips. Of course, all the different replies I got said different things, missed steps, and were not really useful.

I’m not all that proficient with PCs, but I think the issue might rely around the “recording” tab, and the “listen” check box and the options of what to listen to. I’m not sure about the “default communication device” either.

The other consequence of hearing my game is that I have to use push-to-talk in the game settings. I just end up talking to myself and thinking everyone is just ignoring me. I’ve already got low self esteem, so this isn’t helping.

I would think this would be a pretty easy feature of Paperspace or Parsec to get on. Geforce now and Stadia both work flawlessly.

I’ll Venmo someone a tip if they can figure it out.

Hey buddy. Where you able to solve your problem?

I’m thinking about paperspace and X-Plane 11 or MS Flight Simulator 2020 but the thing is that I run a £1300 MacBook Pro with integrated graphics! X-Plane 11 does not support eGPU so that’s also not an option. I hate this feeling because I am feeling forced to drop everything and buy a PC

I haven’t tried again since I stopped the service so I cannot answer that :confused:

See my (nofmxc) comment here: https://www.reddit.com/r/cloudygamer/comments/hrt9lr/parsecdiscord_microphone_problem_sort_of/

You need a SECOND virtual speaker to use for system/game audio.