Linux app - ubuntu - file does nothing

does linux app work on ubuntu? if so the page does not download a deb file! it downloads a file ‘PaperspaceInstaller-’ which cannot be installed on ubuntu.

please advise.


Hi @cridder You just need to add “executable” permission to the downloaded file and then you can simply run it. Hope that helps!

thanks. i got it to install. but it won’t run. advice please.

Sorry for the confusion @cridder Just click the option right below and you should be all set.

BTW, you should have a Paperspace icon in your start menu in whatever startmenu / app starter you’re using

this is really odd.
i am a ubuntu newb but not this dumb!
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
paperspace in app starter, but doesn’t do anything just opens in vim
tried to run that sh but nothing just a mouse spin
i have rebooted

any more help?


No problem! We do test on ubuntu 18.04 (original). The main developer of our desktop app runs a 18.04 derived distribution. Here is some info that will help us gather more info:

  1. open terminal
  2. cd ~/Paperspace
  3. --startup
  4. take a screenshot of the output or copy all from terminal into clipboard and send it to us

There is probably some library missing which is odd since the app runs on a default installation of ubuntu 18.04. even on the USB stick.

Sorry this has been a struggle, happy to help get you going :slight_smile:

yes very odd.
take a look


had to install minizip

sudo apt-get install minizip

so looks all good

paperspace starts in ubuntu and on the VM now.

thanks so much

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thanks daniel and stan from support also

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