Keyboard settings


Hello everyone. I’m a newbie for paperspace.
I created a VDI for Windows Server 2016 Data Center OS.
I use Turkish Q Keyboard and keyboard layout settings seems to Turkish Q on Control Panel. But when I type it writes as US layout.
Could you please inform me for this issue.
Thank you.


Hi @mrkiyak thanks for trying Paperspace! Unfortunately we don’t have native support for Turkish keyboards today but it is something I have flagged with our product team to look in to. Please check our blog and release notes for product updates (generally every couple of weeks or so!)


I’ll join the request for improving international keyboard support in the Paperspace app. I’m running it on a MacBook Pro with French Mac keyboard layout and typing into a Paperspace Win10 WM is a pain in the a…, even after installing French kbd support in the VM.
The RealVNC client does “translate” all keys correctly, though, so it should also be possible within the native Paperspace app. Unfortunately, RealVNC does not give USB forwarding, so I’m forced to go with the native PS app. Please improve quickly!