Jupyter notebook extensions configurator tab

Hello everyone,

I have a lot of fun using Paperspace Gradient, and I would love to also use the interface for jupyter_nbextensions_configurator.

This usually appears as a tab next to ‘Clusters’ in the Jupyter home, when I install it in a local conda environment, or as a nbextensions button in any notebook Edit menu

I tried several ways to install the nbextensions_configurator using the terminal, but with no success: the install runs fine, but I still cannot see the nbextensions tab, nor the nbextensions button in the edit menu of a notebook.

Here are the commands I run for installing it, in the jupyter terminal
pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
jupyter contrib nbextension install --user

Replacing --user with --sys-prefix did not help.

I also tried to access it using the home URL replacing the ‘tree’ part with ‘nbextensions’ as recommended on the github page of nbextensions_configurator.

Would anyone know how to make the configurator interface available in a paperspace notebook home, or possibly make it available from the jupyter notebook ‘Edit’ menu ? I would love to have it available in place of using the command-line to install each extension separately, which is fine of course, but not as practical :wink:

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Yohbe - the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator requires a restart of the notebook server to turn on. If you stop and then start the notebook it should be visible afterwards. You can also turn that extension on at initial launch if working from a custom container.