Is it possible to run a web server on a Gradient instance

The docs say that every Gradient instance has a public IP address… but I don’t see any examples of how to determine the IP address of a running instance. Or maybe I should say that there are examples, but they are based on a user interface that no longer exists. So there are two things I need:

  1. Determine public IP address of gradient instance
  2. Open a port for the web server (port 80 would be best, but it could be something else)


Hey @bvschwartz We recommend using Gradient Deployments to host a webserver. A deployment will generate an endpoint (url) and you can control ports as well with (--ports 80). Deployments currently require creating a managed cluster but creating a cluster only takes 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can host anything on Core that provides a full OS and VM with a public IP (ports would just be configured at the firewall level).