Hyper v question

Im having trouble finding answers to this question. I am trying to download bluestacks for android emulation and it gives me an error message saying hyper v is enabled but when i go to the control panel it says it is disabled. im wondering if there is another feature that is causing bluestacks to think hyper v is enabled when its not. or does this virtual desktop use hyper v itself to run and thats whats causing this? i have tested on windows 7 and 10 machines and they both give me the same message. any help is appreciated.

Hi @Marcellus_Eccles We have an experimental “nested virtualization” feature which is available in Xen (our virtualization technology). However, we have not had any luck with Hyper-V :slightly_frowning_face: For now, we recommend launching multiple VMs if needed.

I tried to use virtualbox but it will not launch. Are there any confirmed vms that work in paperspace?

also is hyper v enabled by default since this is a virtualized environment? or is that not how it works?

Generally speaking, virtualizing an already virtual environment is not recommended. Nested virtualization is typically unstable and will lead to unpredictable behavior.

I will probably have to cancel my account if i cant get this program running. I have emailed support and they reply with answers that dance around my question. I simply ask if this virtual desktop utilizes hyper v because it is preventing me from using a program and they offer to turn on nested virtualization to fix it. I don’t think that question is too hard to answer. If the desktop doesn’t use hyper v in any way then there is some other hypervisor running that i have not been able to pinpoint. If its something that can be disabled without preventing the desktop itself from running then its an easy fix. any ideas anyone?

So, a little background may help others that find this and possibly provide more insight to Paperspace. The reason for the use of BlueStacks is to run one or more concurrent Android device emulators. On those images many like to play their favorite Android game, but on BlueStacks on their laptop/desktop. The challenge is that if you want to run more than just a few Android emulators concurrently, you’re going to need a machine with more CPU and Memory. That’s why we’re here looking at Paperspace looking for a solution.

@Guntram_Gamgee Thanks for the feedback. Could you DM me a VM id so I can enable an experimental feature called “nested virtualization” for you? It may work for this application but no promises :wink:

May I know if you could enable “nested virtualization” for my VM, too?

Any news if this actually worked?

Update from 2020-10-05: this setup still does not work.
Summary: created support ticket with Paperspace to enable “Experimental Nested Virtualization”. After this was completed, the following two currently available software tools were used:

  • BlueStacks
  • LD Player

Both had decent amount of CPU (2) and RAM (4 GB) for each instance, and each server was spun up with minimal resolution and features. I was using a 6-core, 16GB VM. In both scenarios the Android emulators did not boot. BlueStacks gave an error that there was a problem starting the engine, and LD Player crashed and rebooted the VM.

Most likely we will have to wait until more experimental features have been rolled out to continue testing. If anyone has gotten this working, please post with examples/scenarios. Thanks and good luck!

Hi Daniel, can i have nested virtualization enable too on my VM?