How to upload Unreal Engine works?

Hi, I would like to know, is possible to upload a 3D virtual tour made with Unreal Engine? I would like the people connet to a Public IP and play the virtual tour by streaming without download or install anything.

I’m new in “cloud” but my works run fine with Pixel Streaming in my local net. And I would like to know whats would be the optimus setting of virtual machine (with GPU dedicated) for this kind of works.

Thank you.

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@jarnosrt8 I can’t see why this wouldn’t work. I would create a dedicated GPU machine eg GPU+/P4000, P5000, etc. with a public IP address and then run the app normally like you are doing on your local network. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you Daniel, I just did what you said. I am waiting for the machine to be configured (first time) for a long time. I don’t know how long it is wise to wait, this seems stuck.

hmm that’s odd. Can you create a ticket here? They’ll get you straightened out right away.

Hi There, Wondering if you managed to set up Pixel Streaming with UE4 successfully?

We have set it up as per the instructions on the UE4 learning page, we have our own STUN/TURN server and we can see the Pixel Streaming website with the public IP. But the WebRTC stream is not working when it is activated on the website.

I am wondering if anyone has had any success with this? We would have a number of PCs running on Paperspace if we can get this working.

It works perfectly fine with the local IP.


@BuildNZ Can you confirm that you can ping the public IP? If that is successful, I can’t see why it wouldn’t just work. Maybe try turning off the Windows firewall temporarily to eliminate this variable?

Hi Daniel,

Yes we switched the firewall off thinking the same. We also have a public IP. We can access the html document on the paperspace vm, but the WebRTC video stream to the HTML doc seems to be blocked. We can run pixel streaming fine on locally on the machine. We are unsure why we can’t get a connection remotely.

@BuildNZ Does the application produce logs on the machine that you can share here? So bizarre. If you are comfortable inviting me to your team, I can take a peek. I’ll DM you my email.

Sent you a PM. Yes we can get a log file. We can connect, we just can’t see the video stream.

@Daniel @BuildNZ

Any up date on this — manage to get it working? Would be interested in this.

Ta ~ Luke

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