How to upload heavy datasets in Gradient Persistent storage from web sources(e.g. Kaggle/Google)

How can I upload big datasets(size-20GB) in Gradient Persistent storage from web sources(e.g online data repositiory, like - Kaggle, UCI, Google drive).
I have subscribed to Gradient Monthly plan and have given access of 200GB of persistent storage, but to my knowledge I can upload data in the persistent storage from my desktop by clicking upload button in Jupyter notebook. Also I tried to mount my google drive with Jupyter Notebook, but it failed.
Is there any way to upload data from external sources ?


For kaggle you can follow this great tutorial:

For any other data sets I recommend going into the terminal and using wget. If wget is not installed you can install with apt install wget

Last but not least you could create a temporary linux VM (you only get charged for the time you own it). Your storage gets mounted and you’ll be able to download to the VM and then move it to your storage. Please see: