How to open streaming (Unreal Engine)

I created a machine with a dedicated GPU and uploaded my executable made with Unreal.
When I work on my local machine, I can access the executable from any device or browser that belongs to my local network. I just type the IP of my host machine and the game runs directly.
The executable is ready to receive connections because I have followed these instructions from Epic Games:

The problem: I have uploaded my work to the virtual machine created in paperspace and this works very well, but … I cannot access the executable from any other device. When I write the IP of the virtual machine on my local machine or my smarthphone, I receive a web page “doccano …”¿?

My knowledge of network configuration is null and maybe I’m leaving something to configure.
Would anyone have an idea?

Thank you.

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Can you try pinging the public IP address and see if you get a response? Just enter ping XXX.XX.XXX.XXX in your terminal. Be sure to select the public IP and not the private IP.

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Hi jarnosrt8

Hope you get the pixel streaming working… As I am about to set this up for an architect so he can show the designs to the client. … Using the P5000 & P6000 [email protected]… P5000 vm for users to access the unreal on a P6000 dedicated machine. via the PS native app… all in a private network…