How to open port 80 on Windows 10 machine?


Hi my name is Pavel! I’m new on Paperspace. I’m trying to setup R server with my trained model on Windows 10 machine. On localhost all works well, but I can’t connect to server with public IP (IP was paid).

I tried to setup firewall rule, disable firewall and defender — it is not working for me.
Do you have any tutorial about it?


@pavelkuligin I can’t think of anything obvious but here are a few things to check:

  • Confirm the instance is responding to ping
  • Double check you are using the public IP (be sure you’re not using the private IP)
  • Another thing to check is the port (if specified). You can actually see what ports are open using a port checker. Just make sure the server is actually listening when testing the ports.


Hi Daniel!

Unfortunately, all your points were checked…

  1. Ping is OK
  2. I’m using Public IP address
  3. Portchecker said that: “Port 80 (and 8080) is closed”. Port is listening also.

Any thoughts?


If the machine is responding to ping, than it looks like it’s a software configuration issue. I can try to do a bit of testing if I have some time. Could you send along the install steps?

  1. Install R and RStudio
  2. From RStudio run Plumber on port 80
  3. Go to Chrome: http://localhost/predict — all works fine
  4. Go to Portchecker, check 80 and that said “Port 80 is closed”
  5. Go to from another computer — no answer
  6. Tried some tricks with Firewall and Windows Defender — no lucky


@pavelkuligin Got it working. Plumber only listens on for security reasons.

You need to specify a host:

r <- plumb(“api.R”)
r$run(host = “”, port = 8000)

FYI, I did need to create an inbound firewall rule to allow TCP traffic on that port, in this case 8000. That takes two seconds under the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” > “Inbound Rules” > “New Rule…”