How Do I Report an API Outage?


So I’ve been using Paperspace for about a month now. For me, and several other remote devs on my team, the API connect drops usually at least once per day, but often times many times per day. I’ve been checking the status page, which is always green. Thought I noticed the metric is “reported outages”, so I want to know, where do I report them?? If PS is going to be a viable environment, the constant drops need to be addressed, but if we can’t let them know the frequency then thats not helpful.

Oddly enough, even just now when I came to the forum, during an API Outage, I got the “Network Error” message the first time the page loaded. After about 60 seconds I was able to reload and get the page.

Point being clearly there are issues, so lets get them in the open and addressed already.


I am new to PS and just starting to use a P6000 heavily. Unfortunately the machine has gone “inaccessible” twice in the last day and it has been hanging in that mode for the past 12 hours.

Do you guys know how to solve this? or how to prevent it from happening?
Anyone else experiencing “inaccessibility”?

Any help is greatly appreciated,